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Books of Publishing House «Languages of Slavonic Culture» always in presence at bookshop
Stakbogladen, Slavic department (Aarhus Universitet, Ndr. Ringgade 3, DK 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark).
mail: Slavic Dpt. Stakbogladen slavic@stakbogladen.com
tel. +45-86-194522
fax +45-86-209102


The Publishing House «Languages of Slavonic Culture» sells the books from the list which can be
found on our website.We promise to our customers following. Firstly low prices. Secondly, we
guarantee fast and reliable delivery of the ordered items (if we have ordered books in Publishing House).
And finally the exhaustive information concerning the books which are on preparatory stage. In case of order the book
being in press for the moment of order the Publishing House reserves this book for you.

To get the books from the list of published books
1. The orders are kindly requested. The order must include:
- author names and titles of books
- number of copies for every item
- your post address
The order must be sent to our e-mail address: sentbook@lrc-press.ru
(Please, use this address only for orders)
2. On receiving order we inform you about presence of the books and their prices. On receiving our bill, money for
the ordered items are transmitted to the European or American bank account of Publishing House specified in the bill.
3. After you settle the bill you inform us by e-mail (amount, date and the number of payment).
4. Ordered books will be sent to your post address during 4-6 days from the moment of receipt money to our account.

To get the books which are on preparatory stage for a moment of order
1. Make an order in a same way as for published books.
2. When edition is ready we’ll send you a bill.
3. The next operations are the same.

Best regards, Editor-in-chief Alexey Koshelev